Styling Do's and Don'ts 




-Wear Earth tone colors ONLY (natural white vs pure white // chambray blue vs royal/navy/sky blue)

-Incorporate 3+ colors

-Plan all outfits around moms, which MUST make her feel beautiful and comfortable! 

-Plan your palette to have everyone in a unique look, with different values for separation but is still cohesive  

-Stick with natural fabrics that are comfortable, have lots and lots of move and texture  

-Rock some badass statement jewelry, just one piece or two..less is more! 

-Dress and accessorize in layers with textures to add depth to your images! Things like stylish hats, kimonos, ruffles, dusters, cardigans, beanies, suspenders, fringe, belts, vests, etc 

-Pick a shoulderless dress to show off the neckline (one of my personal favorite things in a image!!), especially if trying to distract from the mid section

-Wear nude undergarments for transparent attire

-Bring a nude lace bralette for super low cut tops, or double sided tape

-Make sure to put family members in similar colors to help tie in floral prints 

-Show skin

-Show tattoos

-Rock neutral nail polish so it’s not distracting in close up images  

-Remember to send me selfies of mom in her attire and the outfits laid out together at least TWO weeks before scheduled shoot

-Have your makeup professionally done, with LASHES! 





-Twin with someone! Everyone should have their own unique look while blending well together and with their environment 

-Wear logos, holiday or patriotic attire

-Wear pastel or neon colors

-Put more than 1 person in patterns for 5 or less people 

-Rock your everyday watch! (gents specifically) I’ll photoshop the tan line if need-be. A decorative watch on mom is sometimes ok

-Wear sunglasses

-Wear short and/or fitted dresses. Short dresses limit the session greatly!  

​​​​​​​-Have your hair professionally done, I like it natural and able to flow in the wind!

-Rock skinny wedges, heels or any type of shoe that may make you walk funny or possibly twist an ankle. Exploring and chasing kids around requires comfy shoes or no shoes at all. I want you to naturally engage with your family and not worry about shoes and attire not working as planned!!