Beryl_Maternity Session-26

How could I get so lucky to have yet again another gorgeous momma-to-be….those eye!!! And that PERFECTLY round belly, of two!! I mean, she doesn’t look like she’s carrying twins right?! The snow kinda took over the Hampton Roads area for a few weeks and I was dead set on taking full advantage of it for this session and I am SO glad I did, even though it started raining the second we started shooting. Luckily mom and dad were troopers and toughed out the cold and steadily increasing rain. I absolutely love these images and hope you do to!! View full post »


Ahhhh photos in the snow are simply STUNNING!!! Most of these images from Kristin’s Maternity Session are practically right out of the camera. Kristin was such a trooper in the cold, never once complained and was a complete natural….the camera LOVES her!! Not going to lie, I did have a hard time here and there trying to see her itty bitty belly, she carries well. SO excited for this first time momma-to-be!! I just know her and Dylan will make wonderful parents. View full post »

Where Not to Cut Corners When Planning Your Wedding by the Huffington Post

Videography made #5!!! A couples biggest regret is not hiring a professional videographer. Video is so so precious, I cannot express this enough! Please read this Huffing Post of the 10 things not to cut corners on.

1. Hiring a friend/family member instead of a professional. Sure, you might be super close with someone that has DJ’d a few parties, and maybe you do like the idea of your cousin as your officiant. Trust us, keep your friends and family as guests at your wedding and not as vendors. It becomes a nightmare for your planner to work with your friends and family because if they mess up, suddenly you have to choose who is right. Frequently, friends and family are a lot more laid back than a professional would be, and thus, they aren’t going to be as prepared or handle your wedding the way they should. We have had many couples bring in their friend to preside over the ceremony, only to be flooded with phone calls by this friend about how to officiate. Since we are planners, and not officiants, we can’t really offer advice to them. We have also seen friends as DJs that show up late, are under prepared and that ignore the carefully designed timeline because they’re “friends” with the couple. The result? The food comes out cold, the photographer misses the shots you wanted and every other vendor is thrown off. Again, this is a sticky situation for your planner because if we try to correct it on the wedding day, odds are, you’ll take your friend’s side. Let your friends and family enjoy the wedding and leave the jobs to the professionals. View full post »